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🔭 Full Stack Foundations


👨‍💼 Hello, my name is Peter the Product Manager. I'm here to help you get oriented and to give you your assignments for the day. We're going to get a new project for note taking off the ground. We want people to write Epic Notes 💪
Today, you're going to be working on the Epic Notes app adding key features and fixing significant bugs in a brand new application. Just as if you had been hired to work with us today. Throughout the workshop, you'll learn important foundational skills of web app development including:
  1. Styling a Web Application
  2. Utilizing the URL for Routing and Navigation
  3. Loading Data from the Server and rendering it in the UI
  4. Making Data mutations in a database
  5. Improving our Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Gracefully handling errors and displaying them to the user
It's a big job and there's lots to do, so, let's get started!